Medicare Set Asides Allocations

To ensure compliance with both state and federal law, each MSA is produced through the collaborative efforts of a nurse and an attorney. Fortis will fully prepare each case and submit to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Social Security Status Verifications

Fortis will make a formal request to the Social Security Administration to determine an individual’s Medicare and Social Security Disability status.

Medicare, Medicaid and ERISA Lien Resolutions

Using our advance capture OCR system, Fortis will investigate, appeal, and negotiate the reduction of every lien while eliminating unrelated payments. Our workflows provide users with continual lien updates while we monitor and conduct our lien resolution activity at both the regional and national levels.

Structured Settlements

Fortis offers structured settlement options not only for MSA funding but also for indemnity claims, which helps save money and allow difficult cases to settle.

Fortis Settlement Solutions, LLC was formed with the goal of being a national premier medicare secondary payer solutions provider. We offer the personalized service of a small company, with the competitive pricing and offerings of the larger competitors. Fortis prides itself on its commitment to innovation and excellent customer service.

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